What Should I Consider Before Hiring a New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney?

When a person is charged with a criminal act in the state of New York, their future is on the line. These convictions have potential to impact a person for the rest of their life, as they can result in jail time and a criminal record. It is because of this that it is crucial that individuals facing these situations retain the services of a skilled attorney who can protect them from this uncertainty. As this is one of the most serious situations a person can face in their life, it can be beneficial to consider the following before hiring an attorney:

  • Does the attorney practice criminal law? There are many different types of law that an attorney may practice. Individuals facing criminal charges need the services of an attorney who practices criminal law. The Law Office of Carl Spector handles various criminal charges such as drug possession, DUI, juvenile crimes, assault, domestic violence, violent crimes, and more.
  • Is your attorney knowledgeable? It is important to have an attorney that understands your case. When attending a consultation, the attorney should answer all of your questions in a timely and clear manner. You should feel that your attorney has a thorough understanding of your case and how to proceed with it. 
  • Does the attorney have good reviews? Reviews can be found online for just about anything, including attorneys. You should research an attorney before meeting with or hiring them to see if they are a good fit for your case. The Law Office of Carl Spector has a 5 star rating and several ratings on Google.
  • Is your attorney familiar with the local court system? Criminal law in New Jersey is the same in any courtroom. However, how courtrooms and judges in different towns function can vary. It is ideal to have an attorney on your team who has worked with the judges on your case. The Law Office of Carl Spector has served clients all throughout Bergen County.
  • Are you comfortable with the attorney? When your future is at stake in a criminal case, it is important that you have an attorney you can trust to dedicate themselves to protecting your best interests. This involves honest and consistent communication throughout the entire process.. 

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