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New Jersey is home to a multitude of malls, shopping centers, and commercial roads, all jam-packed with nearly every store imaginable. Currently, New Jersey has over 60 malls and counting. Unfortunately, as the volume of stores increases, so does the amount of shoplifting. Oftentimes, people steal out of desperation and forget that most stores watch a customer’s every move. However, while some act in desperation, others steal simply for the thrill. Whatever the case, if you have been charged with a theft crime in the state of New Jersey, you are most likely now facing very serious consequences. Fortunately, The Law Office of Carl Spector has effectively represented clients accused of shoplifting throughout the state for over 30 years. To discuss your case with an attorney you can count on, contact The Law Office of Carl Spector today.

Shoplifting Offenses in New Jersey

In the state of New Jersey, shoplifting is taken quite seriously. When someone is charged with shoplifting, their case will be heard in the municipal court where the offense occurred. If you were charged with shoplifting in New Jersey, you can face fines, jail time, and a permanent ban from the store. You may also have to provide civil relief to the store owner for the damages caused. Of course, the greater the value of the stolen items, the greater the penalties you can face. The consequences of a shoplifting offense in New Jersey are as follows:

  • Shoplifting merchandise with a total combined value of $200-$500 is a crime of the fourth degree and it comes with 18 months in jail and fines up to $10,000.
  • Shoplifting merchandise valued between $500 and $75,000 is a third-degree charge and comes with jail time of 3-5 years and fines not exceeding $15,000.
  • Shoplifting merchandise valued over $75,000 is a crime of the second degree and comes with jail time of 5-10 years and fines not exceeding $150,000.

Other Shoplifting Offenses

In some cases, other factors lead to an escalating offense, such as theft or robbery. For example, if you pushed or touched a security guard, you may face a robbery charge, which is a second-degree crime. The consequences of escalated theft crimes are often severe and may land you behind bars for years to come. If you are facing upgraded theft or robbery charges in the state of New Jersey, you must retain the services of an experienced attorney who can effectively assess your case and work to downgrade the charges back to simple shoplifting.

Contact a New Jersey Shoplifting Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a shoplifting offense in the state of New Jersey, you need strong legal representation on your side. The legal team at The Law Office of Carl Spector has proudly served clients throughout Bergen County and across New Jersey for over 30 years. Contact our office today to learn how we can help you through the legal process going forward.

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