What is Civil Asset Forfeiture? | What to Know

According to thecentersquare.com, “New Jersey legislators received a near-failing grade in a recent nationwide report that examined how each state addresses civil asset forfeiture laws.” Read on to learn more about civil asset forfeiture, what it entails, and what to do if your assets are seized.

What is Civil Asset Forfeiture?

Civil asset forfeiture refers to the process under which any proceeds from illegal activity, property that is integral to the illegal acts, and property used in committing a crime are all subject to seizure under the New Jersey Forfeiture Law. In other words, New Jersey law enforcement officers can take your property if they believe it was involved in a criminal act.

What Property Can be Seized in New Jersey?

A few examples of property that can be seized include:

  • Cash from drug dealing
  • Money financing illegal gambling
  • Automobiles used to transport illegal drugs

What is the Civil Asset Forfeiture Process?

After obtaining the property, the state will file a civil lawsuit detailing why the item was linked to a crime or considered contraband. The State must also establish the connection between the criminal act and the defendant and they must be dependant on one another.

If the owner of the property was not involved or even aware of the criminal act, he or she cannot be held responsible.

New Jersey is working to reform the civil asset forfeiture laws to ensure that citizens do not have their property seized without due process.

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