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New Jersey Police Set up Border Patrol to Enforce Coronavirus Stay at Home Orders

As the end of March neared and the cases of Coronavirus throughout the state increased, Governor Phil Murphy enacted stay-at-home orders to prevent the spread of the disease. This order required all non-essential businesses to close and residents to self isolate in their homes until further notice. This allows individuals to travel only for necessities, […]

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How Does New Jersey’s New Expungement Law Affect Marijuana Convictions?

People who commit crimes in New Jersey can receive a criminal record as a result. This can impact their reputation and future, as the record can be viewed by the public, making it difficult to find a job, housing, education, etc. Since the year 1990, New Jersey law enforcement has arrested nearly one million people […]

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How Do I Get a Gun Permit in New Jersey?

In order to own a firearm in New Jersey, residents are required to go through the right process to do so. This is because the gun laws within the state are strict and people need a permit in order to purchase and own a gun. It is important that these laws are followed, otherwise, a […]

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Can a Criminal Record Affect my Future in New Jersey?

When a person is convicted of a crime in the state of New Jersey, they face serious consequences as a result of their behavior. While some of these may be immediate, such as fines or jail time, others can have lifelong impacts. Having a criminal record can affect a person’s life in various ways even […]

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