What is Considered a White-Collar Crime?

While people tend to associate criminal actions with violence, there are many crimes that do not involve violence. This includes white-collar crimes. In the past, these crimes were seen as victimless and held few consequences. However, they can now result in jail time and significant fines.  Continue reading below to learn more and contact an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney if you are facing these charges.

What are Common White Collar Crimes?

White-collar crimes are generally committed by high-profile individuals, often in business, finance, or government professions. The most common white-collar crimes include the following:

  • Ponzi schemes: A form of fraud where people pay into a nonexistent enterprise, believing it will succeed and they will receive quick returns on their investment.
  • Extortion: When one party threatens another to give them money. 
  • Embezzlement: When a person misappropriates assets they are trusted with.
  • Corporate fraud: When information is falsified in order for a company to save or make money.
  • Bankruptcy fraud: When people or businesses are unable to pay debts, they can file for bankruptcy. If certain information is hidden from the bankruptcy court, it is considered fraud. 

What is Federal Sentencing?

White-collar crimes are usually heard in Federal Court, meaning offenders can also face federal sentencing guidelines if they are convicted of the crime. These guidelines were created by the United States Sentencing Commission to ensure consistency in sentencing decisions across the board by all federal judges. The penalties of these crimes chosen are based upon the offender’s criminal history and the nature of the crime they committed. There are 43 offense levels, 6 criminal history categories, and 4 sentencing zones that determine the federal punishment a person faces. If convicted, they may face a variety of consequences. This can include imprisonment, restitution, home detention, forfeitures, heavy fines, and more.

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