What are the Consequences of a Speeding Ticket in New Jersey?

Every driver is required to follow the rules of the road when driving. This includes following the speed limit. However, this is the rule that is most frequently ignored. It is because of this that law enforcement in New Jersey is strict in working to enforce this law with certain fines and penalties. Continue reading below to learn more and contact a New Jersey traffic violation attorney for assistance if you received a speeding violation.

What is the New Jersey Point System?

Drivers who are issued a speeding ticket can face certain penalties as a result of their actions. More often, this includes points on their license. When a person receives points on their license, it can cause their insurance premiums to go up and cause additional costs as well. In New Jersey, the point system is as follows:

  • 1-14 miles over the posted speed limit: 2-point violation
  • 15-30 miles over the posted speed limit: 4-point violation
  • 30 miles or more over the posted speed limit: 5-point violation

What is the Cost of a New Jersey Speeding Ticket?

In addition to receiving points on their license, the driver will also have to pay a fine. The amount that is owed can vary depending on the speed they were traveling at. The cost of New Jersey speeding tickets are as follows:

  • Speeding by 1-9 mph: $85
  • Speeding 10-14 mph: $95
  • Speeding by 15-19 mph: $105
  • Speeding by 20-24 mph: $200
  • Speeding by 25-29 mph: $220
  • Speeding by 30-34 mph: $240
  • Speeding by 35-39 mph: $260

Can I Fight a Speeding Ticket in New Jersey?

It is important to note that it is possible to fight a speeding ticket in New Jersey. That is why it is beneficial to retain the services of an experienced attorney. With their help, it is possible to uncover certain defenses to your ticket. This can include whether or not the radar gun was properly calibrated, if the stop was unlawful, and more. Through these, an attorney could have your charges mitigated through a plea bargain or dropped entirely. 

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