How can I fight drug trafficking charges in New Jersey?

If you have been charged with drug trafficking in New Jersey, it is imperative to understand that this is a serious criminal offense that carries harsh penalties. Under federal law, it is unlawful for any person to knowingly or intentionally “manufacture, distribute, or dispense, or possess with the intent to manufacture, distribute, or dispense, a controlled substance.” In New Jersey, drug trafficking convictions result in significant consequences such as an array of hefty fines and imprisonment. Essentially, drug trafficking could land you in jail for several years and result in a criminal record which will negatively impact your life. This is why it is imperative to retain the legal services of an experienced Bergen County Criminal Defense Attorney who can represent your interests in court. Please continue to follow along to learn the most effective way to fight drug trafficking charges in New Jersey. 

How do I fight drug trafficking charges in New Jersey?

The most effective way to fight drug trafficking charges is to have a qualified criminal defense attorney on your side. A skilled attorney must prove to the court that you are factually innocent of drug trafficking or that your rights were violated, and the evidence supporting the case against you was illegally obtained by law enforcement agents. If successful, your case may be dismissed. However, to fight drug trafficking charges your attorney will have to investigate and evaluate all aspects of your case. Moreover, an experienced attorney will file a motion to suppress certain evidence. Filing a motion to suppress is essentially requesting that certain evidence is not allowed to be used against you during the trial by the prosecutor. The court will schedule a suppression hearing where an attorney will argue why certain evidence should be excluded. After the arguments have been presented, the judge will make a ruling determining whether certain evidence may be used against you during the trial. If the judge grants your motion to suppress, it can significantly benefit your case. Furthermore, if you were induced by the authorities to participate in this illicit criminal activity, there was inaccurate lab testing, or you lacked knowledge of the drugs, your criminal defense attorney can use these defense strategies. A Bergen County criminal defense attorney will examine your case to devise the most effective course of action to achieve favorable results. An attorney with years of experience has a clear understanding that every case has unique factors, which they can use to their advantage to develop a defense strategy that best suits your case. Ultimately, the best way to fight drug trafficking charges is by hiring the right legal representation.

Unfortunately, with cases like this, there are no guarantees. However, our dedicated firm is committed to devising the best defense strategy to maximize your chances of reaching a favorable outcome. Our firm is committed to protecting our client’s rights. Allow our firm to fight on your behalf today!