Governor Murphy Signs Laws to Reduce Lines at Motor Vehicle Commission Agencies

During the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) agencies throughout New Jersey were closed for months. When agencies reopened on July 7, drivers began lining up the night before to be there for the opening the next day. As a result, workers are processing up to 272,000 transactions every week, causing long lines. In order to reduce these lines, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed two laws designed to take people out of these lines and let them handle certain matters online. Continue reading below to learn more.

What are Governor Murphy’s New Laws?

One of the new laws signed by Governor Murphy allows drivers to reuse their current photos already on file with the MVC when renewing their driver’s licenses online. In the past, drivers were only allowed to reuse them one time to “Skip the Trip” to the agency. If they renewed it for a second time, they were required to go in-person to have a new picture taking. This required people to visit at least once every 12 years. With the new bill, renewals can be done online. However, it is important to note that out-of-state transfer of licenses and registrations for new residents, federally regulated commercial drivers licenses, and private sales of used cars still require people to come in person.

The second law doubles the amount of time that new residents have to get a New Jersey’s driver’s license and to title/register their vehicles. Previously, the time period was 60 days. Under the new bill, it was increased to 120 days. This change will last until the COVID-19 health emergency is done. In addition to this, a provision of the new law allows seniors or individuals with documented medical conditions that prevent them from wearing a mask to make an appointment to register and title a vehicle in a private settin

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