Can I Lose My License After Obtaining a Speeding Ticket in New Jersey?

If you obtained a speeding ticket in New Jersey, you may be wondering about whether or not you will lose your license. Read on to learn more and speak with a skilled Bergen County speeding tickets attorney today.

What are the penalties for a speeding ticket in New Jersey?

The state of New Jersey usually punishes those who obtain a speeding ticket with fines. It is important to mention that the amount that is owed is heavily dependent on the speed they were traveling at. In New Jersey, fines for speeding tickets are as follows:

  • Speeding by 1-9 mph: $85
  • Speeding 10-14 mph: $95
  • Speeding by 15-19 mph: $105
  • Speeding by 20-24 mph: $200
  • Speeding by 25-29 mph: $220
  • Speeding by 30-34 mph: $240
  • Speeding by 35-39 mph: $260

If you were found speeding and are encountering the penalties, it is in your best interest to contact our skilled Bergen County traffic violations attorney today. Our reliable legal team will take all necessary actions to lower your penalties and protect your future.

How does the New Jersey point system work?

Note that in addition to paying fines, drivers who have been charged with a speeding ticket will likely also obtain points on their license. Basically, the state of New Jersey has a point system that can cause insurance premiums to rise and can also cause additional costs. In New Jersey, the point system includes the following:

  • 1-14 miles over the posted speed limit: 2-point violation
  • 15-30 miles over the posted speed limit: 4-point violation
  • 30 miles or more over the posted speed limit: 5-point violation

Do not hesitate to contact our firm today if you have collected points on your New Jersey driver’s license.

How can I fight a speeding ticket in New Jersey?

Sometimes, you may be able to fight your speeding ticket in New Jersey. If you would like to do this, it is imperative that you have a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side. With the aid of an attorney, you may be able to demonstrate defenses to your ticket. For instance, a defense can include whether or not the radar gun was properly calibrated or if the stop was illegal. If that is found to be the case, an attorney could have your charges mitigated through a plea bargain or dismiss them altogether.

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